Friday, July 10, 2009

angie stays cool: the girls part 2

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angie, boom boom and cece landed on the west side of the cornfield on the road to laramie.
"i want to be a cowgirl." said boom boom.
"i want to be a cow," said cece.
'you already were a cow," boom boom said. "don't you want to be something new this time?"
"get your thumbs out, ladies," angie told them. "here comes farmer brown."
farmer brown was kicking up the dust in his ford pickup. he went right past them without slowing down.
"farmer, farmer!" boom boom called after the settling dust. "what's the matter, don't you like us any more?"
"boo on you!" cece added.
angie let her arm drop. "i think we have a problem."
"why?" asked boom boom. "just because dumb old farmer brown doesn't like us any more?"
"let's wait for one more car," said angie.
"look, it's senator vandegriff!" cried cece.
a long black limousine was heading toward them. all three began waving frantically, but it picked up speed and roared past them.
"oh no!" shouted boom boom, "the senator didn't even stop!"
"and neither did the chauffeur," added cece.
'that's right - lou was always a right guy."
"come on,' said angie. "no more hitching. we have to find a house - there's no time to lose."
they turned and starting running down the highway.
about four hundred yards down the road they almost went past a little house hidden behind a tall untended cornfield.
"looks deserted, " said cece.

"we'll give it a quick check," said angie.
they raced through the dried stalks, taking no precautions.
boom boom charged through the door of the little house with the others close behind.
the house wasn't deserted. a little old woman sat softly mumbling at a worn table. although they hadn't seen any smoke from outside, a low fire was burning in a tiny fireplace. the old woman looked up and saw the three girls.
"who are you?" she cried. "what do you want?"
"this isn't going to hurt," said angie.
"what isn't going to hurt? what do you want?"
"we don't want your dried up old body." boom boom told her, "so i guess we'll have to take your soul." she advanced toward the table.
"demons!" cried the old woman. "begone!" she picked an old worn bible from the table and brandished it at boom boom.
"ha! here's what we think of your bible!" boom boom snatched the book out of the old woman's hand and threw it into the fireplace.
but the bible bounced out of the fireplace. and st jerome and john the baptist jumped out of the bible.

the girls screamed. st jerome chased boom boom out of the door and out into the field. cece was right behind them, chased by john the baptist. boom boom headed into the field, toward a patch of woods. cece ran back toward the highway. st jerome and john the baptist howled imprecations at them as they chased them.
angie, watching from the doorway, couldn't understand what either of the holy men were shouting. she stayed cool. she turned back to the old woman, who glared back at her and bared her teeth.
"demon!" she hissed. "witch!"
"you got anything to eat in this place?," angie asked her.



kathleenmaher said...

Nothing compares here!
The world should take notice--why is it always gravitating the wrong way?
This won't help much, but I'm adding your novels to my blogroll.
It's times like these when I wish I had more friends.

Peter Greene said...

This is wonderful fun so far. rhoda, you stash goodness all over the web.